Banner Butter

Banner Butter

Premium meats and seafood deserve premium slow cultured Banner Butter. The vast majority of butter sold in America is sweet cream butter. That means that, after the cream is pasteurized, it is immediately churned.

That also means that it has very little taste. So, to give it flavor, many butter manufacturers add “natural flavoring,” or “lactic acid.”

Butter churned from sweet cream lacks the flavors that can only come from a long-ripening process where a special mixture of bacteria is added to the cream and held at precisely the right temperature, for precisely the right amount of time.

This good bacteria is one of the things that makes Banner Butter butter taste so good.

If you’ve ever eaten butter from small creameries in France, Italy, or Denmark, then you’ve had cultured butter. And if your great-grandma made her own butter on the farm, then you’ve eaten cultured butter, too.

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• 1 ( 5 oz ) Sea Salted
• 1 ( 5 oz ) Unsalted

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