Chuck Flap Tail (4.5lb avg)

Chuck Flap, also called Flat Steak, or Boneless Short Rib comes from the same muscle as short ribs and is generally a very thin steak. Similar to skirt or flank steak in that it is very flavourful and finely textured, though slightly chewy. A versatile cut that takes great to fast-cooking methods like grilling or searing.

It’s excellent cooked whole and sliced into thin strips. It can’t be beat cubed and put on skewers. It has a coarse texture that grabs onto marinades and seasonings. It’s even great as a slow-cooked braise, where it comes apart into tender shreds, like a Cuban ropa vieja. When properly grilled, this cut is tender, juicy, takes on marinades extremely well, and has a robust beefy flavor that a lot of other cuts lack.


SHIPS: Fresh

QUANTITY: 1 ( 4 - 5 lbs average ) steak

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