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Banner Butter

Premium meats and seafood deserve premium slow cultured Banner Butter. The vast majority of butter sold in America is sweet cream butter. That means that, after the cream is pasteurized, it is immediately churned.

That also means that it has very little taste. So, to give it flavor, many butter manufacturers add “natural flavoring,” or “lactic acid.”

Butter churned from sweet cream lacks the flavors that can only come from a long-ripening process where a special mixture of bacteria is added to the cream and held at precisely the right temperature, for precisely the right amount of time.

This good bacteria is one of the things that makes Banner Butter butter taste so good.

If you’ve ever eaten butter from small creameries in France, Italy, or Denmark, then you’ve had cultured butter. And if your great-grandma made her own butter on the farm, then you’ve eaten cultured butter, too.

SHIPS: Fresh

• 1 ( 5 oz ) Sea Salted

Maine Lobster Tail (6-7oz, 2 ct)

Our Inland Seafood lobster tails are perfect for a fancy at-home meal or backyard barbeque. And they're so easy to prepare… grilled, boiled, broiled, baked, or poached in butter! Lobster tail meat is thick and spongy so it soaks up the flavors of the ingredients that it’s cooked with. 

SHIPS: Frozen

QUANTITY: 2 (6-7 oz ea) tails

Pecan Smoked Trout Fillet (8 oz)

Woodsmoke Provision’s trout is hand-cured in small batches using artisanal techniques. They start with responsibly sourced trout from the most renowned fisheries. Each fillet is then hand-selected for superior quality and individually trimmed, cured, and smoked using our state's very own Georgia pecans. The result is an extraordinarily moist and delicious smoked trout that we take pride in as locally produced using Georgia's finest pecan shells.

SHIPS: Frozen


Linz Filet Mignon (8oz)

The timeless classic of the steakhouse universe! The “Little Black Dress” as it were of the steak world… this is the quintessential Filet Mignon cut! These steaks are cut from the barrel (chateaubriand) of the Filet. Grilled, sauteed, or roasted under a blistering hot broiler, these Filets take to any cooking technique.

The 8-ounce Filet Mignon is extra trim spec for the most satisfying eating experience. Quick to cook and easy to wrap in bacon.

SHIPS: Fresh

QUANTITY:  2 ( 8 oz ) Filet

Meats by Linz, founded in 1963 and run by the third-generation Linz family, supplies beef to some of Chicago’s best steakhouses. Its high-quality Midwestern Angus beef is expertly trimmed by highly skilled cutters. These Filet Mignons are from their Heritage Angus Reserve.

Smoked Duck Magret

Name: Sonoma Saveurs Smoked Duck Breast

Ingredients: Duck breast, water, salt, dextrose, sodium phosphate, hydrolyzed soy protein, cane sugar, sodium nitrate, sodium erythorbate, artificial maple flavor and maple syrup.

Shelf Life:1 month in refrigerator or freeze up to 6 months

Weight:.80 to 1.2 lbs

Packaging:Single breast in a vacuum bag

Notes: Fully Cooked and Ready to Eat. Place product in the back of the refrigerator where it is the coolest.

Description:Duck breast smoked with maple flavor.

Cooking/Serving Suggestions:Remove fat. Slice thinly and serve in charcuterie platter with a specialty mustard. Slice and add to your favorite salad (cut fat into small cubes and fry to make homemade lardons). Make a smoked duck, Gruyère and grilled onion panini with mustard aioli. Cut into cubes and add to your favorite pasta.

Recipe:Smoked Duck, Egg and Spinach Salad


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