Inland Seafood

Blue Mussels (10 lbs, Live)

Johnny‘s Blues Maine Mussels are a staple in the Northeast and rightly so. They're huge! These beauties ship live, ready to be steamed or added to stews, soups, bouillabaisse, and other pasta dishes. Best when prepared on the day of arrival.

SHIPS: Fresh | Live

QUANTITY: 5 lbs bag

*Please note: Healthy mussels will be open slightly – to check if they are alive, give their shell a tap - they should slowly close. Discard mussels that have broken or remain open after being tapped together. Cover the mesh bag in damp towels/paper and store in the refrigerator upon receipt. Do not place in fresh water or ice. Do not store in airtight plastic containers or bags. DO NOT eat any cooked mussels whose shells remain closed. 


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