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Hendrick Holiday Box

Hendrick’s Holiday Box

Meats by Linz, founded in 1963 and run by the third-generation Linz family, supplies beef to some of Chicago’s best steakhouses. Its high-quality Midwestern Angus beef is expertly trimmed by highly skilled cutters. These Filet Mignons are from their Heritage Angus Reserve.

SHIPS: Fresh

QUANTITY:  4 (8 oz ) Filet


The Hanger steak used to be called a "Butcher's" steak because the butchers would reserve this staggeringly delicious cut for themselves. There is only one Hanger per steer so the yield is only about 3-4 lbs per animal. Meats by Linz ages their Hanger Steaks for a minimum of 28 days for the ideal tenderness and development of flavor. Best cooked to medium rare for buttery tenderness. You'll be blown away by the quality of this highly prized cut.

SHIPS: Fresh

QUANTITY: 2 ( 8 oz ) steak


Custom burger grinds are all the rage these days and we think Meat by Linz’s outshines all the rest! They use equal parts Chuck Clod, Brisket, and Short Rib ground for this one-of-a-kind burger experience. This is a hamburger patty that eats like a steak. Complex, beefy and rich, with a bite that is just more substantial than any burger you can get at the local store. Up your grill game with a burger that will blow your friends and family away!


SHIPS: Fresh | Raw


QUANTITY: 8 ( 8 oz ea )

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