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Heritage Angus 24 oz. Porterhouse (1 ct.)

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Truly one of the most sought-after steaks in the world! The Porterhouse is cut from the Short Loin and contains both the Filet Mignon and the New York Strip. To qualify as a Porterhouse, the diameter of the Filet Mignon section cannot be less than 1 1/4 inches. This is what differentiates this cut from a T-Bone steak which can be cut down the short Loin until the tenderloin tapers out. Meats by Linz ages their steaks to perfection so you get the deep, beefy flavor of the Strip and the meltingly tender Filet all in one steak! A gourmet steak lover's dream!

USDA Prime | No Vein 

SHIPS: Fresh

QUANTITY: 1 ( 24 oz ea ) steak

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