Meat My Truck

Lobster & Filet Box (Large)

Everything needed for a decadent dinner for two!

Start with your choice of American Butcher’s Sopressata, Tuscano Salami, or Finocchiona 

Charcuterie paired with Sweet Grass Dairy’s Green Hill brie. Boneless, barrel-cut filet mignons from Meats by Linz deliver mouth-watering tenderness. Wild-caught Maine lobster tails from Inland Seafood cook up spongy - ready to be drenched in some grass-fed sea salted Banner Butter.


1 Choice of: Sopressata, Tuscano Salami, Finocchiona
   ( 8 oz )
1 Green Hill Brie

( 7 oz / Fresh)

Filet Mignon
   ( 6 oz ea / Fresh )
Lobster Tail

   ( 5-6 oz ea / Frozen )

Sea Salted Butter (Banner Butter)

   ( 5 oz )
Olive Oil (Georgia Olive Oil Co.)

   ( 500 ml )

get hooked!