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Lobster & Chicken

Maine Lobster Tail ( 6-7 oz / 2 ct )

Our Inland Seafood lobster tails are perfect for a fancy at-home meal or backyard barbeque. And they're so easy to prepare… grilled, boiled, broiled, baked, or poached in butter! Lobster tail meat is thick and spongy so it soaks up the flavors of the ingredients that it’s cooked with. 

SHIPS: Frozen  QUANTITY: 2 ( 6-7 oz ea ) tails

Simply Seasoned Chicken Breasts

Inland Market takes a 7 oz.  boneless/skinless Springer Mountain Farm chicken breast and marinates it with 1 oz. of their Simply Seasoned marinade. 

Easy to prepare. You can simply take them straight out of the bag and bake on foil. Or, thaw in your refrigerator, then remove from bag and throw on the grill for a fast and delicious dinner.

SHIPS: Frozen  QUANTITY:2 ( 7 oz ea ) individually wrapped breasts


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