Sonoma Saveurs

Smoked Magret Duck Breast

Crafted with French traditions, this exquisite maple-flavored Smoked Magret Duck Breast hails from Sonoma Saveurs.Their ducks are raised free-range on a farm in northern California, surrounded by walnut orchards. Fully cooked and ready to enjoy.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Remove fat. Slice thinly and serve in charcuterie platter with a specialty mustard. Slice and add to your favorite salad (cut fat into small cubes and fry to make homemade lardons). Make a smoked duck, Gruyère, and grilled onion panini with mustard aioli. Cut into cubes and add to your favorite pasta.

Place product in the back of the refrigerator where it is the coolest.

SHIPS: Fresh | Fully cooked

QUANTITY: .80 to 1.2 lbs 

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