Red Top Farms

Wagyu Flank Steak (4 lbs avg)

Wagyu Flank Steaks promise superior marbling, tenderness, and a buttery flavor. Boneless Flank is a wonderful choice for pan searing or open flame grilling. If you love Asian cuisine, this is the cut for you - slice it thin and add to your favorite stir fry or Pho recipe!

Wagyu is a breed of cattle from Japan that first surfaced in the United States in 1975. Red Top Farms Wagyu cattle are raised on small family ranches and are source and age verified. 

They are fed traditional Japanese diets for a year or more (300 percent longer than commodity cattle) paired with Midwestern corn, most of which is grown right on the ranch. Raised WITHOUT antibiotics, hormones, growth-promoters, animal by-products, or artificial ingredients.

SHIPS: Fresh | Raw

QUANTITY: 1 ( 4 lb avg ) steak

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