“Meat” the Team



The founder of Meat My Truck, a company that gives home cooks access to delicious, sustainably sourced ingredients. This new food delivery service was born out of necessity.

“When the pandemic hit, everything turned upside down. Restaurants who had been purchasing the highest quality meat and fish, were closed. Everyone was stuck at home cooking but couldn’t always get what they needed at the grocery store, and in some cases… were too sick to shop.”

An employee of Inland (the southeast’s largest seafood distributor) at the time, Prusan saw the surplus supply coming from the restaurant closures and wanted to create a safe way to keep up with consumer demand.

She remembers, “I just have to find a way to get this food to the folks who need it!”

So, in March of 2020, Prusan sent a few emails and some texts to friends and neighbors. Through her own social media, she listed products she knew they would enjoy from providers like American Butcher, Beelers Pure Pork, Inland Seafood, Meats by Linz, Springer Mountain Farms, Sweet Grass Dairy, Banner Butter and more. To her delight, the orders started rolling in, so much so that Prusan had to rent a truck in order to meet her customers at planned pick-up locations. The drive-thru style contactless system was well-received. As word began to spread, the need for a larger truck became evident. Through support of the Inland team, Meat My Truck’s own branded, refrigerated delivery vehicle can now be spotted in the Roswell, Tucker, Dunwoody, and East Cobb areas.  


“Meat My Truck is more than fresh meats – it’s a farm-fresh or boat-fresh experience.”


The quality of the food is the highest priority for Prusan. “I’m proud to say that we’ve built great relationships with both farmers and fishermen, and are really helping to support agricultural communities and small businesses.”

Prusan has been working in the seafood industry since 2004. Her work has taught her the importance that “center of the plate” proteins play in a well-balanced diet. “Giving my customers access to all-natural, hormone-free meat and fresh seafood has really become a passion.”

Currently, Meat My Truck offers premium, chef-quality seafood, chicken, pork, lamb, veal, artisanal foods, and signature butcher box bundles (which have been very popular as corporate gifts). Along with neighborhood pick-up options, they also ship nationwide. It’s easy, simply purchase online or “meat” the truck to shop in-person onsite. Now serving local Atlanta neighborhoods, markets, and pop-up sites.





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